Tis the Season For No Folly!

It might be the time to gather with family and friends to celebrate holidays, but it is also a time for leaders to be relentless.

Without collective wisdom as the voice of reason, we are subject to taking on new projects, starting endeavors, and trying new initiatives without making progress. Now that is foolishness! Instead, it is the time for leaders to step up and take charge.

Any leader who has experienced a letdown from followers, frustration from projects gone awry, or challenges from the unexpected knows that they must re-tool their efforts periodically. What’s a leader to do? I’m glad you asked! Here’s a short list of possibilities:

1. Do not ask for directions – Too often, leaders find themselves frustrated with followers not willing to step up or advocates not ready to speak up. What’s best for any leader is to not wait for direction. Using prior experiences, a good leader will have the discernment to take the appropriate action.

2. Be prepared – The call for leadership does not happen during idle time. Leaders are called or directed and sometimes prompted by people or a situation. Look at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. or Gandhi who mobilized many by responding to the call for their wisdom.

3. Be thoughtful – Being quick to act and thorough goes a long way in any leadership role. Taking time to by mindful about others and to consider their perspectives, challenges, or shortfalls goes a long way.

With just a few short, thoughtful our leaders can go from mediocre thinking to outstanding action. Are you ready?

-Dawn McCoy, author of Leadership Building Blocks: An Insider’s Guide to Success

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