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Who Am I?

At my core, I am a leader, creative, strategist, and passionate advocate. I’m also visionary with attentiveness to details. Audiences share that my quick wit and enthusiasm in talks and presentations are contagious and underscores my inspirational messages.

Recent Public Speaking Engagements

Public Testimony Remarks

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Previous Speaking Engagements

Here is a select list of prior speaking opportunities, recent engagements, and speaking engagement remarks from recent years. 


Recent Speaking Engagements

Below are recent speaking engagements.

  • Shine Bootcamp Speaker Showcase – 2021
  • Virginia Board for People with Disabilities – 2020
  • American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders (APFED) – 2020
  • Girls for a Change Camp Diva Leadership Academy – 2020
  • Full STEAM Ahead Conference – 2020
  • Virginia Commonwealth University Human Library Project (speaker/participant) – 2019
  • Petersburg Public Library Author’s Showcase (Invited speaker/participant) – 2019
  • RVA Fall Author’s Workshop (Panelist) – 2019
  • RVA Creative Wellness Center (Invited speaker) – 2019
  • Virginia Board for People with Disabilities (Emcee) – 2018
  • National Council of College Women Student Leaders (Invited speaker) – 2018
  • Children’s Medical Nutrition Alliance (Invited keynote speaker) – 2018
  • City of Richmond Office of Human Resources (Invited keynote speaker) – 2017
  • Regent University Women’s Leadership Institute (Guest speaker) – 2016


Photo Gallery

Below are photos from various speaking engagements.

Speaking at Virginia Commonwealth University, Children’s Hospital




Speaking Action pic1 240x400
eWomen Network Conference Author’s Workshop Presentation, Dallas, Texas




“I found the writing workshop for Children’s Books, Poetry, and Memoirs to be very informative for new writers. Dawn McCoy advised us to “Brain Dump” and to think about the story you’re trying to write, the message you’re trying to get out.”
there, your theme and sequence.” – Fall Author’s  workshop participant, November 2018

“I can’t seem to organize my message in such a way that others understand how communities can spend less money and provide better services. Now, thanks to the workshop, I have lots of ideas on how to improve my presentation and message.” – Farm Team Community engagement boot camp workshop participant, July 2009

“Ms. McCoy made the four hours fly by as (she) engaged and challenged the participants. I felt involved in the entire process, and tips and tricks were helpful and will be useful for what I currently do.”
– Tiffany G.

“The Lynchburg Boot Camp was a great success! More than 20 women turned out to learn how to breathe deeply and do raspberries in preparation for giving a speech. Thanks to Dawn McCoy who gave us great tips for running a campaign and finding overlapping circles in our lives that will help us support a campaign effort.” – Shannon B.

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