Balance This!

Believe it or not, it’s not all about winning. Really! Most good leaders realize that somewhere along the way they have to find a way to activate the reset button and stay balanced.

A friend recently asked me “So, what is all this balance talk?” I reminded him that it’s what we already know and do without even thinking about it to stay focused. Every day we take steps to stay healthy, level-headed, and in tune with ourselves or others. It’s how we juggle our family, social, and professional lives. Periodically, we burn off steam taking pause from a regular routine or else we get stuck in a rut. Quite simply, we take time out. We stop.

Author David Kundtz once said that “Stopping is taking notice of the space between the notes. Stopping is making the space between the notes important. Stopping is transforming the space between the notes into life-giving, waking up, and remembering.”

Without expending too much energy, here are a few self-care suggestions you might continue or add your routine:

  1. Maintain regular exercise and sleep
  2. Commitment to proper nutrition and balanced diet
  3. Enjoy your favorite hobbies
  4. Clear the clutter from your closets or domicile (physical)
  5. Clear the clutter from within (emotional)
  6. Treat yourself
  7. Repeat positive self-affirmations
  8. Share time and experiences with friends and family

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