Guest Blogger: Faulk Prioritizing While Leading

August 25th, 2017

Profile pic Guest Blogger Kaldejia FaulkLeaders always encounter memorable moments. This is relevant to you whether or not you are a leader in business or ministry. My most memorable moment while leading has been a formal diagnosed for depression and anxiety. This moment was a time filled with darkness, vulnerability, guilt, shame, and along a host of other fleeting emotions. 

There I was holding a ministerial position, working in public education, encouraging, inspiring, and praying for others all the while suffering in silence. How do you acknowledge your invisible illness to those who look to you for motivation? Do you share with others who look to you to manage and overcome life’s challenges?

In the midst of my memorable moment as a leader, I discovered that I was notorious for helping others but had neglected to be an advocate for myself. While leading others to develop skills and knowledge for meeting life’s challenges, it’s imperative as a leader to seek self-care first.

Leading “while empty” is draining emotionally, mentally, and physically. As others are seeking your support to chart, create, or blaze a path in order to follow and embrace their own greatness, you as the leader must engage in your own personal development to include self-care.

Unfortunately, I neglected to prioritize my care while leading. This resulted in me releasing some assignments while regaining inner as well as physical strength to serve others as assigned by God.

Now that I am on the other side of this memorable leadership moment, I have changed my perspective of what leading looks like relative to my assignment and impacting the lives of others. I have accepted the truth that I am a light to the path of helping others find their greatness. But, I realize that I am not the light. I am here to encourage, engage others, and enlighten them to a greater path in their journey. But, I release my obligations to expose myself to being their savior.

Empowering others affords them the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge with no personal strings attached. It is their journey to greatness, their truth, and destiny. I have simply had the pleasure of helping them enter into all that God already has in store for them.

Kaldejia Faulk has been a pastor alongside her husband for 19 years. She recently retired from 15 years of service in public education. She serves her community through her church and co-hosts outreach events including family life, singles, women’s fellowship, and back to school giveaways along with a fall harvest. Learn more about Kaldejia Faulk at Contact her at

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