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Nurturing effective leaders who serve in community roles is vital.  There are numerous opportunities to cultivate practitioner engagement and perspectives resulting in a formidable impact. Thus, there must be an ongoing discourse about how leaders become effective advocates serving others with specific plans, tactics, and implementation tools.

After serving as an elected public servant, a non-profit leader, and as a community executive, I knew that people needed simple answers to complexities with getting people mobilized. It can be perceived as a challenge, but it does not have to be. So, I outlined specific ways to help others with tools to demystify the community engagement process. If you’re ready to access other tools vital for community leaders, here are some other recommended resources:



Steps for Effective Community Engagement

Are you a community organizer expanding a project or endeavor? Are you hoping to inspire others to greater participation? Here are tools to help you achieve and prioritize your goals. Use the guide and resources below to mobilize your ideas into activism and your objectives into success!

The audiobook CD, worksheet, and an accompanying workbook are generic templates designed to support any endeavor. Are you ready to get in gear? Order your tools  --> click here!


Effective Community Engagement CD: Seven Steps to Make a Real Difference is Leadership_CDCovera comprehensive audiobook for thriving leaders to succeed! 





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Also, consider adding to your personal toolkit these complimentary worksheets to manage, monitor and track your progress by working with your community. In this way, you will be prepared to engage and embark on new initiatives with your strategies in place.

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