Leaders: Flourish Along the Way

April 1st, 2018

FlourishWhat if you had the roadmap about how to be a better leader?  Would you use it or continue along the path you have taken? I know I would read the roadmap!

For me, leaders who flourish are those who proactively engage support and insight. These include people who are thriving with leading others and managing initiatives.

Over the years, many have asked me for suggestions, resources, and insight. That has resulted in my published work and forthcoming projects in the leadership development area. By sharing, these ideas help others to flourish.




Leaders: Rising with Finesse!

March 19th, 2018

RISEOne of the most amazing ways that I have sustained myself in leadership roles is by pausing and breathing. Yes, it’s that simple.

What I share here is not rocket science. On the contrary, it’s quite basic. It just means that I am taking steps throughout my day to re-center. In other words, I am pausing to consciously breathe. So, what difference can this make for leaders? Why is this relevant?

Along with my theme “Rise” for this month, breathing is just that. It is the rising of awareness through mindfulness with breathing techniques. Walk with me, if you will, to drill down further.


Maintain Resilience: 5 Smart Strategies

February 18th, 2018

Hill oak treeDespite adversity, resilience is what has worked for many who thrive. Author Napoleon Hill cited that “the strongest oak is the one that stands.” So, when life’s challenges happen how will you remain resilient?