Guest Blogger Shanna Kabatznick: When Your Vision Transforms You Into A Leader

August 31st, 2017

Shanna Kabatznick_RichmondVAWhen someone told me back in the summer of 2014 that one day my little FAB Friday event would grow into a business that impacts hundreds of women and I would be the leader, I said “No way!”

Yet, here we are three years later and my little FAB Friday event has evolved into a business, FABWOMEN, with me as its leader.

In my opinion, anyone can hold a fancy title but not everyone can be a leader. Leadership is earned by the respect of those around you and the influence and example you project. My evolution didn’t occur to me until I started hearing remarks from other women about FABWOMEN.  I had several “AHA” moments that helped me realize the impact I was making and the leader that was emerging.

My daughter came home one day and told me that she was bragging about me at school and letting all her friends know that I was the Founder of FABWOMEN and I was “the boss.” What a compliment to hear that my daughter was so proud of her mom!

Then, one of my members approached me and said that they joined FABWOMEN because of the leadership they saw in me, and how I lead by example. What a humbling experience to know that I am making a difference in my family and the community! Honestly, I lead the way I do because I believe and care about all the women I meet and who join our FAB community. In all that I do, my priority is always, “how can I make a positive difference in someone’s life?”

Whether I’m directly involved or not, I take pride in the connections made when members join FABWOMEN, and I see them transforming before my eyes. What an exciting place I am in! As this community grows, I have the privilege of observing change and growth among the members and the support and collaboration to lift each other up is just amazing. I believe that being a true leader is not about telling others what to do, but about listening to them and respecting their input. The knowledge I have acquired from my members surpasses anything I could have done on my own.

I would say the best kind of leader is the one who serves. To me, FAB will always embody servant leadership as I always seek opportunities and tools to impact women’s lives.

Shanna is founder and CEO of FABWOMEN. Learn more about Shanna and check out her upcoming September 15 Come Find Your FAB event with dynamic speakers and discovery about leading courageously. 

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